Organisational Profile

Jabiru Story

Jabiru’s story begins in 1985, as a locally based organisation that provided before, after and vacation care activities for families in Bracken Ridge and Brisbane’s outer northern suburbs. Today we are privileged to connect with more than 4,500 families across South East Queensland, providing exceptional community development, social, emotional and practical support program with children, young people and families.

Our Services

We have now grown to 180 staff working in School-age Care services, a Health and Wellbeing Hub of allied health professionals working in the community and in primary and high schools across South East Queensland, and our own high school, Jabiru Community College.

Our communities enjoy the benefits of a purpose-driven workforce that creates a culture of reflection, continual improvement and exceptional service quality.

Our Purpose

Jabiru is a local, social-purpose, not-for-profit organisation

Jabiru partners with children, young people and families, particularly focusing on those experiencing vulnerabilities, by creating safe places and relationships that connect people, resources, ideas and communities.

Jabiru is more than a school-age care provider. Our deep-rooted history in community development and wraparound support services provides the cornerstone of our practice within a school-age care context. As a local not-for-profit community organisation, embedding ourselves in local communities is not an add-on. It is what we were created to do. It is in our DNA.

As an organisation, we not only deliver school-age care, we engage with a range of educational-based communities, including delivering student support services, employment and training programs and our own independent school – Jabiru Community College. We genuinely know the challenges of working within the educational ecosystem, including curriculum development, recreational activities, social and emotional support for children and families, and working within Education Queensland systems and structures.


Jabiru was named after the Australian native bird. The Jabiru flies from as far as the Northern Territory to the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands – adjacent to the community of Bracken Ridge where our organisation was founded – to bond for life and nest to raise their young. That story and its commitment to nurture, nature and community, continues.

Our Imagery

Our logo artwork contains ‘rainbow’ lettering and an element that for want of a better name, we have called the Rainbow Splatter.

Rainbows are ancient icons. In numerous spiritual traditions, the rainbow is a key symbol. For many Indigenous cultures, the Rainbow Serpent represents the initial sacred act of creation in the Dreaming that brings into existence the landscape, along with the connection of people with that landscape.

At Jabiru we value diversity. Not as something to be tolerated or accepted, but as a powerful positive active energy that is enriching and life-giving. The rainbow has been widely used in art and story in many cultures as a symbol of hope, love, inspiration, creativity and diversity.

The Rainbow Splatter also suggests the innocent, spontaneous joyous creativity of childhood; something that can remain with us throughout our lives.

Finally, the chaotic nature of the Rainbow Splatter is a familiar element of the kind of work we do. When the Jabiru logo is set against the splatter, the name of the organisation rises out of this chaos without needing to destroy the exciting beautiful energy within which it lives.

Want to learn more about Us? Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you might have.