Taking Part

This Touchstone invites each child’s participation in all the elements of community life, thought, work, play and rest. Jabiru communities make space for every child, irrespective of age, physical strength, ability, interests, or anything else that might make them unique, to be involved.

In Our Own Way

We try not to make the ways children get involved too prescriptive. Inviting different people to engage in different ways is part of the strength of community. Not everyone can do the heavy lifting. Some are good at encouragement, hospitality, strategising, or even coming up with new ideas. During a community’s play times, some children make a great audience, or commentator, or might be good at refereeing or keeping score. Some children are good at inventing games and activities.

Avoiding Discrimination

Jabiru communities don’t discriminate negatively based on criteria that have nothing to do with the task. For example things like cooking, taking care of other children, dressing up or playing house, showing affection, being strong in a crisis, being a leader, different types of sports, arts and creative expression are things any girl or boy can love and be involved in. But sometimes we practice positive discrimination by encouraging children to try things outside some of the boundaries they might imagine.


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