Showing love

In a Jabiru community each child knows that people around them see only the best in them and want only the best for them, in a deeply caring way. We do really love what we do and we love children. So we allow ourselves to show, through the careful safe ways that we communicate and work, our positive affirming emotional connections with children.

Loving Others

We know a community is loving by the ways that it takes care to create the space for the activity of love. Like taking the time to see and acknowledge the best in each other, taking delight in the happiness and well-being of others and seeing that our eyes light up with happiness we greet each other. It includes finding opportunities to surprise each other with unexpected acts of generosity and kindness. It includes making and acting on hard decisions that are in the long term best interests of each other.

Professional Practice

Of course it is also important to also say that we take enormous care with the professional boundary of this kind of loving community and relationship with children. No action by any adult crossing that boundary in any way that imposes on a child’s feelings of safety and privacy, or harms a child in any way, will be tolerated under any circumstance.


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