Learning and Growing

Nurture is the process of gentle care-giving within which children can learn and grow, so each Jabiru community is a place that practices and encourages nurture.

We are all on a journey of growth and learning that began with our birth, and there are some things that children (or any of us) can learn and practice best in a nurturing community. These are things like trust and cooperation, empathy and respect, confidence to share a thought or opinion, working or doing anything as part of a team, generosity and care-giving, or the ability to seek help from others in tough times.

Nurturing Environment

Children can test their interests and skills in different roles and behaviours and enjoy the experience of learning pretty much anything as a social experience. Looking for information together. Experimenting. Discussing. Teaching and learning from each other.

The Touchstone of Nurture focuses on children’s growth and development. In particular, looking for their strengths and affirming those in each of them.


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