Outsourcing OSHC

We are Specialists

Many school communities are looking for someone to operate their outside school hours care program.

Working with a specialist Outside School Hours Care provider directs school community time, money and energy back to the core purpose of the school.

In Queensland, the Department of Education Training and Employment has a procurement system in place to help state schools find the best child care provider for their community.

When the OSHC program is managed by someone other than the school, it means that someone else takes the responsibility for answering to the Principal for the financial, regulatory, human resource, parent engagement and programming dimensions of that work.

We are Professional

Children and families benefit when their child care is provided by people whose professional focus is high quality Outside School Hours Care services.

In the past, many schools and P&C Associations ran successful outside school hours care services. Increasingly, P&Cs are finding the regulatory and legislative requirements very onerous and the operating environment very complex.

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