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School-Age Care

Who we are

Jabiru is a non-profit community organisation incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act. Unlike private for-profit child care businesses that pay profits to owners and shareholders, by law every cent we make goes into our work with children and families.

What we do

Jabiru School-Age Care is part of a national network of services to provide for children’s safety, relaxation and play-learning before and after school and during the holidays.

Full of activity and friends, and facilitated by caring well-trained adults, each of our School-Age Care programs is a Jabiru Community. So it’s also a place where it’s fun to belong!

Age of children

Our programs are for all primary school aged children from Prep to Yr 6.

For preppies we keep an eye out to make sure they’re coping. For before-school care we walk them to their classrooms, and for after-school care we collect them from their classrooms.

We help them settle in, relax, make friends and recover from their busy days.

Types of services

  • Before-school care includes breakfast and fun activities to prepare for the day. See more here.
  • After-school care includes afternoon tea, time to just relax and chat about the day, fun activities for play-based experiential learning, and homework time. See more here.
  • Vacation care programs are packed full of fun so children can have a real holiday experience. See more here.

How Jabiru is different

We do everything traditional childcare programs do, including complying with the requirements of State Regulations and National Quality Standards. But we have also added a unique Jabiru-style of care called Communities for Kids or C4K.  This is a focus on providing children with places of belonging, where everyone feels safe, and where the program of relaxation and activities is wonderfully rich and diverse.

  • Play…Relax…Create: BE. For a child, all of life is learning, and play is part of that life. Play is vital for the healthy development of every child’s brain and body.
  • My Friends and I: BELONG. Everything at Jabiru starts with a feeling of belonging and fun.
  • Learn and Grow: BECOME. Children absorb knowledge from every new experience and relationship.

Book online

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through our online app QKids.


School-age care is cheaper than you think. The Childcare Subsidy Scheme brings the cost right down for most families.

Your child’s school

Find your school for more information on times, fee costs and contact details.

Assisting parents

Our friendly administration and enquiries staff are right here in Brisbane. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also provide extensive information and resources for Parents.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through our online app QKids.