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Play…Relax…Create: BE

For a child, all of life is learning, and play is part of that life. Play is vital for the healthy development of every child’s brain and body.

Through free time children learn the life-skills of relaxing, winding down and blowing out the cobwebs. An organised offering of activities and games also exists so that children learn about enjoying the richness of life through fun, creativity, silliness, cooperation, leadership, stories, music, art and colour, curiosity, communication, self-organising, group participation and much much more.

We have invented a comprehensive play and activity curriculum in C4K, to make sure we offer children the widest possible diversity of familiar choices, unique opportunities and new experiences.

Just for fun (2)

Each Activity area in C4K has its own identifying fun character.

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My Friends and I: BELONG

Jabiru is not simply a ‘group to attend’. It’s a ‘community to belong to’. We help each child feel good in their own skin, and safe in the company of others who love and respect them.

But that doesn’t happen by accident.  We have developed a detailed understanding of what contributes to a feeling of community.

We call these things Touchstones of Community©; the things we need to focus on to make sure every Jabiru program is a community, where it’s fun to belong.


Everything at Jabiru starts with a feeling of belonging and fun.

Learn and Grow: BECOME

Children absorb knowledge from every new experience and relationship.

Sometimes you will see the staff who care for your children called Educators. This is the language of the National Quality Framework and it is designed to make sure that everything we do with children, has a purpose that makes each child’s world richer in experiential learning opportunities.

This is informal, play, recreation and relationship based learning. There are no tests exams or report cards. But parents are encouraged talk to your Program Site Manager at any time to share insights about their child’s experiences in their Jabiru community and hear what the child has been learning.


Learn more about C4K’s unique contribution to facilitating learning, and some of the learning goals for children.

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