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Communities for Kids

Everything at Jabiru starts with a feeling of belonging and fun.

But that doesn’t happen by accident. We have developed a detailed understanding of what contributes to a feeling of community. We call these things Touchstones of Community. These are the things we feel we need to focus on to make sure every Jabiru program is a community, a place where it’s fun to belong.

We build ‘communities for belonging’, rather than just ‘groups for attending’.

Touchstones help us meet one of children’s most basic human needs, which is to experience an environment of trust and belonging where skills, values and attitudes they are learning inside the family and at school, can be reinforced and affirmed.

Exploring our Touchstones

Touchstones are things we can actually do and feel. Learn more about our Touchstones below.

Want to learn more about Touchstones? Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you might have.