ME Time

There are thousands of fun ways to help children know and celebrate and love their own uniqueness and strengths. Personal identity activities, include family history, keeping a diary, or making an album. It includes giving children the chance to learn the skills to give each other positive feedback and encouragement, and to celebrate each other’s gifts and personalities.

US Fun

But a community is not just a collection of individuals. It’s the way those individuals work, eat, rest, learn, think and play together. And that’s fun to learn too through activities like name-games and getting-to-know-you times using the Body Part Debrief, circle games, Mood Dudes (pictured right), co-operative team games like the ones that use an Earth Ball or a parachute, team walkers or tug-o-war ropes, and problem solving group games like the Spider’sWeb.

For a Lifetime

We love watching children build a strong resilient confident identity, and make friends. More than ever, as life becomes more complex, our children will be needing self-love and self-care, and the ability to belong to and be supported by (and support) groups of workmates, neighbours, team-mates, family members, business associates and friends. Being confident within ourselves and with others, is essential to our happiness.

What We Do!

In a Jabiru community, children form confident identities, friendships, and groups! Ideas and equipment for BeingME-BeingUS are sourced from near and far, including locally at Lighthouse Resources and internationally from Training Wheels. And of course it also includes fun ideas developed by us.

BeingME-BeingUS helps Jabiru kids to be themselves, with friends, in a community.

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