Parent involvement

Input and Involvement

We welcome input and involvement from caregivers. There are many ways you can support us to provide our service.

We encourage you to:

  • Share any skills or hobbies you have with the children who attend our programs. Skills can include knitting, model making, cooking, just to name a few. If you are interested in being involved talk to the Program Site Manager where your children attend.
  • Maintain an open friendly relationship with our staff in a way that impacts as little as possible on their most important duties of providing safe programs, but which provides a free flow of information.
  • Respond thoughtfully to any request from us for your opinion, through occasional meetings, surveys, or telephone contact.
  • Stay well informed about how your child feels about our services and to provide that information back to us as simply and clearly as possible.
  • Provide feedback – both praise and constructive criticism – to help us improve.

Need more information? Contact us today. Our friendly team are always happy to help.