Cancel a Booking

Families attending Jabiru Waterford West click here to Cancel a Booking.
Families attending Jabiru Yeronga click here to Cancel a Booking.

How to Cancel

To cancel a booking, log in to My Family Lounge, send a note, contact us or email to your Jabiru service. Please include your child’s name, the centre they attend, and the dates you want to cancel.

Using the App

The My Family Lounge App is a great way to make bookings and cancellations from your mobile device.

Important Points About Cancellations

  • We require 48 hours’ notice in writing to cancel a booking.
  • If you do not provide 48 hours’ notice, we will charge you the normal fee, less any Child Care Subsidy you are entitled to, unless you provide a doctor’s certificate for your child.
  • Please note that Child Care Subsidy is payable for up to 42 absences per financial year – any absences beyond this may be charged to you at the full rate.
  • If your child is not attending on a day you’ve booked, we need to know, even if you can’t give us 48 hours notice. If a child is on our roll and doesn’t attend, we have to try to contact you to check they are OK. In some cases, this has meant having to contact the police when we haven’t been able to get hold of parents. Please avoid stress and embarrassment by phoning, emailing or texting your local service to let us know your child won’t be there.

Need more information? Contact us today. Our friendly team are always happy to help.