Expressing Ourselves

This Touchstone invites us to ensure that children express and give freedom to, their instinct for imagination and creativity. Not just in artistic ways, but also in things like the ways we solve problems, or the ways we express our innermost feelings.

Creative Thoughts

A child’s most creative thoughts might be about a new way to apply colour to fabric or form clay into new shapes. But they might also be about imagining ways we have never tried before, to make sure everyone has a say in decision making, or about the kind of food we share.

Exploring Creativity

In a Jabiru Kids community, the ways we are creative don’t just include the space for each individual to be creative, but also the kinds of creativity we can do together. A choir, making a garden, inventing a group game, painting a mural, or taking part in a brainstorming session.

The ability to wonder and dream, and to create new ideas and expressions of those ideas, is a precious part of childhood that we want to encourage.


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