Everything at Jabiru starts with a feeling of belonging and fun.

But that doesn’t happen by accident. We have developed a detailed understanding of what contributes to a feeling of community. We call these things Touchstones of Community. These are the things we feel we need to focus on to make sure every Jabiru program is a community, a place where it’s fun to belong.

We build ‘communities for belonging’, rather than just ‘groups for attending’.

Touchstones help us meet one of children’s most basic human needs, which is to experience an environment of trust and belonging where skills, values and attitudes they are learning inside the family and at school, can be reinforced and affirmed.

Exploring our Touchstones

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Every child is welcomed with genuine warmth, and what they have to contribute is celebrated in each Jabiru community.

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Peacefulness for a child is a genuine feeling of being safe with others and with themselves.

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Some elements of a child’s development that happen best when they play, so a Jabiru community will always have time and space for playfulness and fun.

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We look out for each other’s physical and emotional well-being, and help to protect each other from harm.

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Each child has the same rights and responsibilities, equal access to resources, and is treated as an equal human being no matter what.

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Jabiru communities are places that children can depend on.

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Jabiru communities help children take an optimistic view of their own future, the future of those around them, and of the world.

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Nurture is the process of gentle care-giving within which children can learn and grow.

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In a Jabiru community each child knows that people around them see only the best in them and want only the best for them, in a deeply caring way.

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Knowing about and showing care for the needs of others including complete strangers, is a sign of a strong community.

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The Touchstone of Welcome is experienced in the daily process of meeting each other - embracing with a spirit of openness and warmth.

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This Touchstone is about the processes by which people become more confident, not just as individuals but also as a group.

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The Touchstone of Adventure is about taking risks and going into the unknown.

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In a Jabiru community we share places, our stories, the things we know, and our time to listen to each other.

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Communities don’t just happen by accident but because of the care members take to have meetings, keep records, and decide what to do.

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This Touchstone invites us to ensure that children express, and give freedom to, their instinct for imagination and creativity.

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This Touchstone is about what we do when people’s feelings, relationships, even ideas, get hurt or broken in a Jabiru community.

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Jabiru communities make space for every child, irrespective of their uniqueness, to be involved.

Want to learn more about our Touchstones? Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you might have.