Being Optimistic

Jabiru communities help children take an optimistic view of their own future, the future of those around them, and of the world. Hopefulness is a positive quality even when times are dark and things go horribly wrong.

Being Positive

Even people who came out of times of horror through natural disaster, suffering personal sickness or loss, or disappointment when things turn out to be different from what they hoped, speak of the ways they found to live in hope; to find light in the darkness. This is not to say that it’s easy. Jabiru communities provide children with an environment that seeks a positive view of them and their future, and of the world and its future.

Achieving Together

The Touchstone of Hope is not just about the distant future though. It is a daily strengths-based view about our relationships, about the things we are trying to achieve together and about reaching beyond even the smallest doubts and fears.


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