Jabiru Outside School Hours Care

The Jabiru Difference

At Jabiru we do everything traditional childcare programs do, but have also added a unique Jabiru-style of care called Communities for Kids or C4K.

This is a focus on providing children with places of belonging, where everyone feels safe, and where the program of relaxation and activities is wonderfully rich and diverse.

What we do

Jabiru provides Before-School Care, After-School Care and Vacation Care which are all full of activity and friends, and facilitated by caring well-trained adults.

Each of our School-Age Care programs is a Jabiru Community - a place where it’s fun to belong!

Age of children

Our programs are for all primary school aged children from Prep to Yr 6.

For preppies we keep an eye out to make sure they’re coping. For before-school care we walk them to their classrooms, and for after-school care we collect them from their classrooms.

We help them settle in, relax, make friends and recover from their busy days.

Before and After-School Care

Starting and ending the day!

Full of activity and friends, and facilitated by caring well-trained adults, each of our School-Age Care programs is a Jabiru Community. So it’s also a place where it’s fun to belong!

Starting the day!

Before school care with Jabiru is a great place for children to get ready for the school day. We can also help with tuckshop orders, excursion permission forms, and notices to the school office. Many parents find before-school care helps them manage their busy days.

Our food

We serve breakfast until 8am, to give children the energy they need to learn and play. There’s always a range of cereals and toast, and often a special breakfast like pancakes, scrambled eggs, or yoghurt fruit cups.

For afternoon tea, we have a varied menu! It includes fresh fruit and vegetables plus substantial healthy snacks cooked from scratch, like pasta, rice dishes and baked goods. We also serve a late snack for children still at Jabiru after 5pm to tide them over until dinner.

All our food comes from our Kids Café.

Homework support

Many children at Jabiru use their time to complete their homework or to read aloud. Our staff are always happy to set aside a quiet space for homework and to encourage children to complete their work.

In-school activities

Children don’t have to miss out on extra-curricular activities offered by their school or others, just because they are booked with Jabiru. With your permission, they can attend activities within the school grounds like swimming classes, sport training and music lessons.

Fun activities

In before-school care children can choose activities from our program, relax with meditation, or enjoy quiet play. When the bell goes, we escort prep children to their classroom.

For After-school care we display a weekly program outlining the fun things children can choose from. We always have a range of different activities on the go and children choose what they want to do that day.

We ensure that there is always a wide range of options available. Activ-8 physical activity, Hand-Made crafts, Living Colour visual arts, Just-for Fun games and fun, or Curious Kids science fun, to name a few.

Getting children’s feedback and ideas through Talk-Time activities helps us make sure that each Jabiru service is a place where children know they belong!

Vacation Care

Action-packed Holiday Programs

We design interactive programs with a wide choice of activities and offer occasional excursions for children to enjoy.

Latest Holiday Program!

Our popular school holiday program returns with a big schedule of amazing events designed by children, for children.  Our Vacation program provides a variety of activities balancing the need for fun, affordability and safety.   

Program Bookings  

We understand different families have different needs and we have tried to cater our bookings to accommodate different circumstances. We work to ensure we can find the bookings you need, and if we cannot immediately accommodate your booking we will add you to a booking ‘waitlist’ that we review weekly for availability.   

Working families have told us they want more dependability around school holiday care, therefore vacation bookings can be booked and confirmed in advance, and if this is your situation, we encourage you to discuss with your service manager and book in advance of the vacation program release.  

If you have requested a booking and you are having issues or wish to extend your permanent booking over the school holiday period, please contact your Service Manager directly or speak to our Service Centre team on (07) 3269 0044.

Program Design

Our Service and Educational Leaders design programs with children and family needs in mind.  We schedule activities that we know our children will enjoy and are designed to cater to a broad range of interests. We provide a mixture of excursions and special guests who come to the service. From discos to cinema visits, baby animal days to arts and craft extravaganzas we plan something for everyone, so our kids have a wonderful, play based holiday with a variety of fun and exciting things to do every day.  If you have ideas for activities, please let us know! 

Program Schedule

Programmed activities generally run from 9:00am to 3.30pm, however this can change depending on the activityChildren may be required to be at the service at certain times and when we have planned excursions or special guests, we will require signed consent form to be completed in advanceWe sometimes ask for families with basic things like lunch packing requirements or providing additional information on medical needs…. just easy things that help us make sure everyone has a fun and safe day! Our parent handbook has more information if required. 

Program Release

Our school holiday programs with activity details are released 2- 4 weeks prior to school holidays. This timing balances the need for families to be able to plan adequately, and for Jabiru to ensure program certainty.  When all service activities are confirmed the Service programs will be communicated as follows; 

  • emailed to all active families with permanent or casual bookings via XAP,  
  • added to the individual ‘Service’ section of the Jabiru website (see ‘Find your school’) button below 
  • posted on service Facebook pages. 

More Information

Book online

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through XAP.


School-age care is cheaper than you think. The Childcare Subsidy Scheme brings the cost right down for most families.

Your child’s school

Find your school for more information on times, fee costs and contact details.

Our Staff

All Jabiru staff meet qualification and training requirements set out in the National Quality Framework and all have Positive Notice Blue Cards.

Assisting parents

Our friendly administration and enquiries staff are right here in Brisbane. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also provide extensive information and resources for Parents.

Transition to Prep

Starting school is a big adventure. At Jabiru we love spending time with preppies and help them make friends and get used to the school routine.

Important notice
  1. Jabiru endeavours to deliver all program activities as advertised, however at times we may be required to cancel, change or reschedule a program with limited or no notice.  
  1. Cancellations, changes or rescheduling of activities may occur in the event Jabiru identifies concerns relating to the quality, safety or availability of any activity in any OSHC program.   
  1. In the event Jabiru cancels a scheduled activity, all advertised fees will be payable, and any additional charges associated with an activity or event, will not be payable.  
  1. Jabiru recommends all bookings for activities in the Vacation/Holiday or any OSHC program are discussed with the Service Manager or head office prior to making a booking to ensure understanding and satisfaction with the activity.   
  1. Jabiru reserves the right exclude any child from activities, for any reason, particularly where there are risks associated with the safety of children, staff or visitors. 

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled online.