Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy


We provide meaningful programs incorporating elements of play with elements of daily real-life experiences.


We recognise children’s freedom of choice, balanced with age-appropriate programming and opportunity for support child-initiated planning.


We treat children, caregivers, staff and relevant community members with respect, and ensure that their views in relation to the operation of our services are considered and valued.


We respect caregivers as primarily responsible for the upbringing, protection and development of their children, and we aim to support caregivers in that role.


We welcome open discussion with all stakeholders on issues relevant to them and the operation of Jabiru School-Age Care.

Other than a being part of a loving family and going to a great school, every child also needs to be part of a safe supportive community, in order to grow up happy, calm and confident.

The identifiable elements of that kind of community are:

  • Meet children’s physical, emotional and social needs in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
  • Have the best interests of children as our paramount concern. Respect children’s dignity and privacy, promote children’s well-being, and provide positive experiences for/with children.

Our Goals

Children will grow a strong sense of well-being and confidence in their own identity and in their relationships.

We support children as individuals and in groups, to develop their capacity for self-regulating, negotiating, and sharing behaviours.

In every part of our work we use a relationship and strengths-based approach to motivating and encouraging children to succeed when they are faced with challenges. Not just to succeed alone, but to succeed as part of a group characterised by mutual care, understanding and respect.

Our C4K BeingMe-BeingUS program has a particular focus on creative ways to support children’s identity, and their sense of themselves in relationship to confidently involve others in their lives.

Children will feel affirmed as confident, involved and playful learners.

We are committed to the practice of engaging children, to the appropriate developmental limits of their abilities, as active agents in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Their child care program operates in continuity with every other aspect of their lives. Children’s learning is most effective and life-affirming when it developed and reinforced in multiple strengths-based contexts with supportive ‘others’. Children have their own ideas, theories, creative capacities, unique skills and interests, personalities, hopes and fears, and likes and dislikes.

In all our work we encourage children as individuals and in groups, to acknowledge and test the value of their ideas. We prompt reflective thinking, and encourage them to communicate and share those ideas in a variety of spoken, symbolic, artistic, musical, and other expressive media.

Children will feel connected with, and be able to contribute to and take care of, their world.

Jabiru is committed to the celebration of diversity, to justice and peace in all human relationships, and to careful stewardship of the Earth.

In every part of our work we recognise and celebrate connections, similarities and differences between people; and acknowledge the special kinds of complexity, beauty and vulnerability of our natural environment.

We also teach how to react in positive ways by encouraging children to listen to others and to respect diverse perspectives.

Children will be effective communicators.

We aim to teach children to convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence.

This includes conflict resolution and following directions by modelling language and encouraging children to express themselves through language in a range of contexts and for a range of purposes including leading and following directions.

Jabiru’s goals reflect outcomes for children as outlined in the ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework for School-Age Care.

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