Jabiru Waterford West

The Team at Jabiru Waterford West

Jabiru offers before and after school care and vacation care at Waterford West State School. Our team includes a range of friendly people who are into art and craft, sport, outdoor exploration and cooking activities, so there’s something for everyone at Jabiru Waterford West.


Jabiru Waterford West has a dedicated OSHC room with plenty of activities, including cooking, games, science experiments and art and crafts. We make full use of the school hall, oval, outdoor undercover areas, and playground for outdoor fun.

Fees and Benefits

Families eligible for Child Care Subsidy pay reduced fees, with a proportion of their fees paid by Centrelink.

Your family’s combined income will determine your percentage of subsidy.

The fee payable depends on eligibility for Child Care Subsidy.

Contact Jabiru Waterford West

Location: 3-15 John St, Waterford West QLD 4133

Jabiru Waterford West is in the OSHC building located at the Glenda Street entrance to the school.

Meet face to face: drop in before or after school to meet our friendly team.

Mobile: 0408 542 846

Email: waterfordwest@jabiru.org.au

Join Us At Jabiru Waterford West!

Before School Care

Opening hours: 6:00am to 8:55am

Full Fee: $18.00

Session Hours: 2 Hours 55 minutes

About: Before school care with Jabiru is an excellent place for children to prepare for the school day. We can also help with tuckshop orders, excursion permission forms and notices to the school office.

Many parents find that before school care helps them manage their busy days.

After School Care

Opening hours: 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Full Fee: $23.80

Session Hours: 3 Hours 30 minutes

About: Jabiru after school care has excellent activities, nutritious food and high-quality staff to help children finish their school day.

We have a range of activities on offer, with the children choosing the activities they want to do each day.

Vacation Care

Opening hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm

Full Fee: $56.20

Session Hours: 12 Hours

About: Jabiru holidays are heaps of fun! We prioritise families who work, vulnerable children and our regular permanent bookings to ensure that families who need care are able to access our program. We plan fun service days, incursions and excursions to ensure variety, educational experiences and, most importantly, fun!

Program: We publish our vacation care program before the holidays. You can avoid the vacation juggle and know your children will be well cared for with a vast choice of activities.

Jabiru reserves the right to change our program at our sole discretion due to unforeseen circumstances like staffing and availability.

Annual administration fee: An annual administrative fee of $25.00 per family is charged when your new enrolment is confirmed and each year when you renew your enrolment. We will process your enrolment and confirm with you in writing so you can start to use the service.

Late bookings: Late bookings are those made after Thursday 6 pm for the following week before care is needed. Late bookings will incur a $2.50 surcharge for before and after school care and a $5.00 surcharge for vacation care on the ‘Permanent or Advance’ booking fee.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.