Point of Difference

Our Practice

We embrace mutually supportive relationships

At the core of Jabiru’s purpose is our commitment to relationship-based practice, which develops positive working relationships with our key stakeholders and nurturing, mutual, supportive relationships with the children and families we partner with.

We recognise that each interaction with children and families is unique and that human behaviour is complex and multifaceted. We accept that human behaviour and relationships are integral components of any professional engagement and place particular emphasis on ‘the use of self’ and the relationship as the means through which interventions are channeled.

Therefore, our operating model promotes the importance of reflective practice and good quality supervision throughout the organisation, recognising that supportive relationships between educators and their managers enhance relationships between workers and children and families. In turn, these relationships have the power to impact positively on relationships between parents, caregivers and children.

“Where it’s fun to belong”

We have coined the phrase “Where it’s fun to belong” as a way of encapsulating the core element of this work. This phrase highlights the vital element of ‘fun’ within our program and the dual dimensions of our work in this area – creating communities that are safe and supportive for children and in which children and childhood are celebrated, while providing a child-focused community as the primary methodology of our school-based programs, before school, after school and during school holidays.

We provide safe places

Jabiru has invested heavily in comprehensive policies, procedures and systems committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of children in our care. As part of our continual-improvement process, we engage Insafe Hands to provide external audits and review any reported incidents. We ensure children are effectively supervised and protected from harm or hazard. Educators and management are aware of our legal responsibilities and as Mandatory Reporters, we will not hesitate to protect children who may be at risk.

To further build a culture where all children are truly valued and safe, we are in the process of attaining Safeguarding Children accreditation with the Australian Children Foundation.

We add value by tailoring our programs and practice to your community

Jabiru has been successfully building communities for 35 years through our unique community-focused practice framework, which delivers engaging, play-based experiences that children enjoy, including creative activities, a sense of belonging, great relationships with educators and delicious and nourishing food.

We transform school-age care communities for children and parents, so it is infused with and reflective of both Jabiru’s vision and values and each school’s commitment to supporting and maintaining an environment where children have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

Jabiru is working with Reconciliation Australia and local Elders to complete our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our RAP will provide a framework for Jabiru staff, children and families attending our services to support the national reconciliation movement.

At Jabiru, children can experience the cultures of the world’s oldest living civilisations through our Community for Kids framework that includes the Jarjumm Nabei program.

Jarjumm Nabei means ‘child-play’. Through this program, each service takes time to meet Elders, both local and living locally from other places. We use appropriate acknowledgements when we meet and always honour the traditional owners. Children learn and use greetings in local language and will know basic words from that language to use in daily conversation. We will incorporate fun dancing, singing, painting, food experiences and games from local culture.

The privilege of living in the footsteps of the world’s most ancient living culture is unique to all Australians. Jabiru school-age care communities will engage in these experiences in the richest and most respectful way possible, whilst having fun doing it!

We care for our communities experiencing complex vulnerabilities

Our families can always count on Jabiru. To support children and families during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we engaged in activities that went above and beyond the required health and hygiene activities processes.

We are proud to have:

  • Provided every family that needed care access to our services
  • Had no service closures, even when numbers were fewer than the contracted minimum
  • Suspended all casual booking and late pick-up fees
  • Extended our hardships policies
  • Wraparound services for children and families experiencing vulnerabilities – at no cost
  • Provided regular COVID-19 communication on federal and state government health directives
  • Provided regular COVID-19 communication on changes to the Child Care Subsidy
  • Provided fortnightly health and wellbeing electronic direct mail communication with articles and links to resources and videos.
Jabiru’s COVID-19 support and resources have been fantastic. They took away a lot of the stress I was feeling and enabled me to plan our future with confidence.
Angie – Jabiru Mt Gravatt East Parent
The resources and links to mindfulness, ParentTV video’s and resources to how to support my child to return to school was invaluable. I even forwarded some of the emails to my family members.
Jan – Jabiru Petrie Terrace Parent

Innovation, Investment, and Systems

Innovation and Research

We are renowned for innovation and industry best practice.

We have an excellent reputation in innovation and leadership. Our research and development partnerships with QUT and Griffith University inform the ongoing improvement of our programs. Author of the national framework for school-age care ‘My Time, Our Place,’ Dr Jennifer Cartmel from Griffith University, is a long-term collaborator who provides ongoing encouragement, advice and support in the development of our Communities for Kids program. Jabiru presented alongside Dr Cartmel at the World Education Research Network Conference on Extended Education in Stockholm in September 2019, on ‘Experiences of Community in School Age Care’. We are continuing this research in partnership with Dr Cartmel and will be presenting the paper ‘School Aged Care Services: A new neighbourhood for children’ at the World Education Research Network Conference on Extended Education in September 2021.

As part of our commitment to sharing these findings and participating in key education sector-based events, we sponsor the SBMAQ conference, PDN School Leaders Conference and the Queensland Child Activity Work peak body.

Our Systems

We provide user-friendly systems and outstanding customer service.

Parents and caregivers appreciate our simple, convenient and flexible online enrolment, booking and payment systems. We back these with personalised customer service, both via our head office and at our schools. Jabiru is committed to the FISH! philosophy of customer service:

  • Philosophy empowers people to bring all their talents to work
  • Philosophy builds trust with teammates
  • Philosophy creates a culture where innovative ideas flourish.

All key staff have participated in training and ongoing development. FISH! customer service is not just a philosophy but a highly effective customer-service culture.

We promote organisational policies and procedures that develop and enhance our practice. Our leaders promote an organisational culture that values effective supervision, critical reflection and continual learning.

Our Investment

We invest in our communities and in improving our services.

Jabiru has effective and efficient management processes through developing, implementing and maintaining models of management that promote ‘business insight and good governance’. It is important at Jabiru that we are a social enterprise that is entrepreneurial, innovative and operates to intentionally tackle social issues, improve communities and provide people with access to resources, employment and training.

As a local, social-purpose not-for-profit, our priority is to invest in the communities we work within. Not only do we transform the humble OSHC room into a vibrant, creative environment where children have all they need to relax, imagine, learn and have fun, we invest in our broader community focusing on health and wellbeing outcomes.

We are industry-leading, passionate and creative professionals

Jabiru is well-known as an employer of choice that invests in organisational culture, innovation and professional development. We attract and retain the best professionals who are social-purpose driven – providing consistency of care by skilled and knowledgeable teams at each of our services.

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