Partnering with Jabiru

Why Partner with Jabiru?

We make top quality school age care easy for schools. We’re cooperative and flexible, and work hard for a positive, proactive, and accountable relationship with all school staff and the wider school community.

  • We deliver a whole-of-school approach to behaviour support and will align with your Student Code of Conduct, including ensuring our educators become embedded members of the Student Services Team.
  • Working with your Student Services Team, we will support the inclusion and development of all children. We achieve this through our community-based Edu-care approach to OSHC services, and through our Health and Wellbeing facility.
  • We believe our operational management and service offering would entice greater attendance rates and, in turn, would increase potential income (in nominal terms) over the duration of the contract.
  • The families and communities surrounding your school will experience a highly responsive and locally engaged OSHC provider supporting local businesses, employing local people and collaborating with local community organisations.
We strive to create a learning community where everyone feels supported and empowered to develop their full potential, both individually and as a community - That's the Jabiru way.
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    Our Commitment to you

    • Mirror your commitment to children’s safety, well-being and development.
    • Value-add to your aim for excellence by providing exceptional care.
    • Complement your reputation for innovation through our unique Communities for Kids (C4K) framework.
    • Help the school to access new resources and ideas.
    • Mirror values and relationships that are important to your community.
    • Always be friendly, co-operative, professional, approachable and prompt.
    • Work with you to establish effective reporting mechanisms.
    • Consult with you early and often to ensure a ‘no surprises’ partnership.
    • Complement and support your approach to children’s self-managed behaviour.
    • Maintain a rigorous commitment to all relevant policies, standards, guidelines and legislation.

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