Partnering with Jabiru

Why Partner with Jabiru?

We make top quality school age care easy for schools. We’re cooperative and flexible, and work hard for a positive, proactive, and accountable relationship with all school staff and the wider school community.

  • We deliver a whole-of-school approach to behaviour support and will align with your Student Code of Conduct, including ensuring our educators become embedded members of the Student Services Team.
  • Working with your Student Services Team, we will support the inclusion and development of all children. We achieve this through our community-based Edu-care approach to OSHC services, and through our Health and Wellbeing facility.
  • We believe our operational management and service offering would entice greater attendance rates and, in turn, would increase potential income (in nominal terms) over the duration of the contract.
  • The families and communities surrounding your school will experience a highly responsive and locally engaged OSHC provider supporting local businesses, employing local people and collaborating with local community organisations.
Working with Jabiru

Learn more about Jabiru by reading through the document below.

Our Commitment to you

  • Mirror your commitment to children’s safety, well-being and development.
  • Value-add to your aim for excellence by providing exceptional care.
  • Complement your reputation for innovation through our unique Communities for Kids (C4K) framework.
  • Help the school to access new resources and ideas.
  • Mirror values and relationships that are important to your community.
  • Always be friendly, co-operative, professional, approachable and prompt.
  • Work with you to establish effective reporting mechanisms.
  • Consult with you early and often to ensure a ‘no surprises’ partnership.
  • Complement and support your approach to children’s self-managed behaviour.
  • Maintain a rigorous commitment to all relevant policies, standards, guidelines and legislation.

Wish to learn more about our organisation? Contact us today. We're always willing to discuss what is important to you.