Re-imaging Boundaries

This Touchstone is about children experiencing life without some of the unhelpful boundaries and limitations they might have imagined around themselves. These boundaries can be about who a child thinks they are, or about how they behave with ideas or things they have. Sharing is about children having the chance to re-imagine their lives and potential, supported by others. And it includes children practicing the skills of cooperation with resources and ideas.

Expressing Ourselves

In a Jabiru community we not only share places or buildings and the things in them, we also share our stories, the things we know and the skills we have, and our time to listen to each other. Sharing is also about the experiences we have together. For example, we share joyful times as well as sad ones. Sometimes problems and conflicts that affect the group, and imagining ways to resolve those conflicts, are also shared.


Many of the ‘co-‘, ‘con-‘ or ‘com-‘ words we use in work with children, are about them sharing or doing things ‘with’ others, including adults: words like collaborating, cooperating, coordinating, consulting, conversing, connecting, committing, and communicating.


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