Being Our Best Selves

This Touchstone is about what we do when people’s feelings, relationships, even ideas, get hurt or broken in a Jabiru community. Healing happens when each of us brings the best of ourselves to bringing out the best of each other, no matter how difficult that might be.

A Person’s Past

Sometimes children come from complex personal stories that have led them to behaviours we find difficult. If a child has experienced abuse, violence, insecurity, lack of praise, mistrust and negativity, they may bring those things to a Jabiru community with them. Children who are sad, anxious or angry might have difficulty relating in warm positive ways.

Learning and Healing

Healing is possible whenever we comfort and reassure a sad child, walk quietly beside an anxious child, or encourage an angry child to find appropriate ways to express that anger. It happens every time we trust a child, praise them, calm them or provide them with secure boundaries. Healing also happens when children learn to apologise or make compensation for actions that have hurt others and when others show that child forgiveness.


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