It’s Healthy and Fun!

Being active supports the development of healthy strong bodies and minds, and gives kids a feeling of wellbeing.

Get Active!

Activ-8 has eight different components, developed by us in association with experts in children’s physical development, to involve children in fun ways, to be physically active:

  • FIT-2-GO: Kids’ fitness fun and flexibility, walking jogging and skipping games and challenges, and the chance to learn and practice skills for different sports.
  • RUN-FREE: Enriching the choices for how children use free time actively.
  • INSIDE-OUT: Taking traditional inside activities out into the fresh air.
  • ADVENTURE CHALLENGE: Bringing Adventure Based Learning to school age care.
  • OUTDOOR GAMES: The outdoor games that we all remember from childhood.
  • DANCE AND CIRCUS PLAY: Fitness is even more fun when it involves expression and performance.
  • BACKYARD-RULZ: Making traditional sports accessible for everyone. Over the fence is six and out!
  • FAMILY FIT: Always wanted the urge to get up and get fit? Here it is!
What We Do!

Healthy physical activity fun at Jabiru!

We know how important it is to make activity and fitness something kids really want to do..! Life is happier when we are fit and active. Our minds are clearer and our health is better.

Activ-8 inspires Jabiru kids to have fun and get fit, being active!

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