Calm Kids Program

Jabiru staff provide inspiration for these activities, creating opportunities for children to connect their hearts and heads through movement and play. Children are encouraged to engage with Yoga’s therapeutic process, opening new ways of encouraging balanced perspective and clarity across physical, emotional and mental needs.

We constantly evolve and reflect on our spaces to support children’s wellbeing. Chill Out areas are available to children where they can enjoy quiet moments with their friends or read a book. A place to recharge their mind, body and soul

Creative Mindfulness

Creative mindfulness uses expressive art tools and creative processes to foster self-awareness, emotional regulation and mental responsiveness. Mindfulness is a state of body-mind awareness that can be tapped into through various creative and movement-based methods, gradually increasing children’s feelings of quiet relaxation. It is hard to think of a more meaningful contribution to children’s and families’ lives in a stressful, pressure-packed world than a greater calm feeling.

Stretch, Relax, Focus

These activities are based on Yoga and are designed to engage children and help them stretch, relax, calm, and focus their minds.

What We Do!

Playful relaxation activities to feel peaceful and calm at Jabiru!

Soothing times of gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and balance activities that focus on achieving a calm state of mind and a relaxed physical body.

Calm-Space helps Jabiru kids to quieten their minds and relax their bodies.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.