Earth Story

New Ways of Exploring!

The traditional ways of doing this are through books, travel brochures, photography and DVDs. But we are excited to also be gradually introducing technologies like Google Earth, large touch-screens, iPads, travel-blogs, children’s web-travel sites and so on.

Global Local

Diverse communities and cultures exist close by all of us, to be explored and valued. It’s one of the best things about being Australian. Children can also connect, in supervised ways, with children in other parts of the world, or in other parts of Australia, using Skype, email or social media.

Our Earth is Exciting!

Our planet and its vast geographical, cultural and biological diversity, always capture the natural curiosity and imagination of children.

Discover the World!

From within a Jabiru community, children can visit places all over the planet, record their thoughts, explore the excitement of different forms of travel, follow someone cycling through Africa, take a train-trip through Siberia, fly a plane, board a ship, drive a train, or reach into outer-space.

What We Do!

Exploring and loving our planet, for fun from inside a Jabiru community!

To inspire armchair explorers, we gather together technology, activity resources, prompts, ideas and inspirations.

Earth-Story helps Jabiru kids to understand and love our complex and beautiful planet.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.