Get Curious!

We encourage children to explore fun stuff like:

  • Telescopes, binoculars and microscopes.
  • Bubbles, prisms and magnets.
  • Electronic construction.
  • Enviroscape Kits.
  • Weather gauges.
  • Bird-watching and recording kits.
  • Human anatomical models appropriate for the age-group.
  • Construction and engineering, including Lego and Meccano.
  • Hands-on kits of rocks and fossils, and resin-enclosed biological specimens
    Metal detectors.
  • Even, paper-aeroplanes!
Keeping it Fun!

This is a largely self-directed program encouraging curiosity for kids, through games and activities, special visiting guests, special equipment, technology and books!

We link playful curiosity to the core areas of science, without being a science class.


The best way to have cool scientific gear without it costing parents a new mortgage, is to share it around.

Of course we can’t afford an electronic microscope, astronomical telescope, metal detector, and every electronic Lego known to humankind for every site, but we can have a pretty good go at setting up a shared library of these things for our services to access.

What We Do!

Inspiring children at Jabiru to explore the worlds above, around, below and within.

Curious Kids encourages Jabiru kids to have a playful spirit of curious enquiry!

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.