Lots of Variety!

Hand-Made includes working in a variety of media:

  • Wood, glass, metals, clay.
  • Fabric, wax, leather.
  • Paper, natural fibres and textiles.
Learning Skills Too!

Skills we can learn include:

  • Knitting, crochet, spinning ,weaving.
  • Jewellery making, candle-making, scrap-booking.
  • Tapestry, fabric dying and painting.
  • Latch-hooking, sewing, patchwork, quilting.
  • Pottery, paper-making, basket-weaving, and leather-craft.

Making things by hand puts us in touch with a simpler and less commercial time in our history.

It slows our racing lives down to the speed of the click of the knitting or the rhythm of the saw through wood.

Old Skills Rediscovered

These are the skills most of our grandparents had. Some of us still have them.

For our sanity, environmental sustainability, and to ensure that the traditions are continued, we want children to experience the special joy that comes from something ‘hand-made'.

What We Do!

At Jabiru we learn traditional craft skills to make things we can use!

It’s lots of fun and a good learning exercise too, so jump in and get hands-on!

Hand-Made introduces Jabiru kids to skills and interests that promise a lifetime of joy and achievement.

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