Kids Cafe

Fantastic Food!

Food feeds our bodies, expresses elements of our cultures and our creativity, and allows us to be generous and hospitable to everyone: people we love, but also strangers and outsiders.

Growing Fun!

It’s also fun to grow your own food and wherever possible within Kids Cafe, the Yard-Farmers program helps children, families and schools to become more involved with actually growing some of the food we eat, in the backyards of our schools, homes and communities.

Positive Eating!

It’s great when children build positive stories and memories of good food, including how and where it is grown. Kids Café includes the story of food straight from the farm: fresh, locally produced, low carbon mile, and unprocessed. We help children build relationships with real farmers to understand how they grow the things we eat.

Choice and Adventure

Childhood is a time when children learn lifetime habits and tastes based on the things they try and explore. Our menu balances the familiar and the new.

What We Do!

Jabiru communities choose, prepare and share great tasting food!

In partnership with expert dieticians and nutritionists, we offer amazing food. Tasty, creative, nutritious, culturally aware, health conscious, and generous without spoiling dinner!

Making and sharing food at Kids Cafe also builds friendship and community for Jabiru kids.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.