Confident and Safe

It’s also important to form a confident safe identity in relation to friends family and strangers, natural spaces, work spaces and play spaces, that are near where we live.

The Places and People Around Us

This part of our program expands and support the ways children think and care about the people, rivers, hills, streets, parks, shops, natural spaces and houses that make up a neighbourhood.

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Children will experience activities like:

  • Meeting local living treasures – people who are older and remember a different time.
  • Interviewing or listening to people who come from different places and cultures, or who do interesting jobs.
  • Photographing a favourite place or tree for a calendar or collage.
  • Visiting our art galleries, museum, science centre, historical trails and sites, theatres and performance spaces.
  • Visiting our marine, wetland, koala habitat, and bushland natural spaces.
  • Enjoying our water parks, pools and beaches.
  • Going bush to ramble and explore.
  • Fun ways to map the neighbourhood using stories, soundscapes, friendships, even smells and favourite places.
  • Sending a loved furry toy out to be photographed in special places or with special people in our neighbourhood.
What We Do!

Loving to feel at home in your Jabiru neighbourhood.

It’s great when children connect at a deep level with a place, to create stories and memories of safety, fun, exploration and discovery.

Neighbiz strengthens Jabiru kids’ love for their neighbourhood.

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