Experience The Story!

The Jabiru StoryPort at each site holds our talking-stick, story cards, tellers cape, story-circle markers and an endless array of magical prompts that help children to love telling and hearing stories. Additionally, our on-site libraries include a regularly cycling range of story-books for all ages.

Anything Is Possible!

Stories come from a world in which anything is possible. ‘Story-ing’ lets children in remember, create, reflect, imagine, wonder and problem-solve.

Thank You

Many of these ideas come from the work of a dear friend and colleague of Jabiru, storyteller Bettina Nissen, who gives us permission to share them through C4K.

Creating and Sharing!

This program involves children PLAYFULLY in:

  • Story-telling and story-making prompts and activities.
  • Books movies and songs that tell stories.
  • Puppets, felt-boards, notice-boards and film-making to help us tell stories.
  • Traditional stories from many cultures.
  • History stories, make-believe and fairy stories.
  • Stories of magic and trickery, mystery and adventure stories.
  • Teaching stories.
  • Personal stories from our own lives.
What We Do!

Playful ways for Jabiru kids to be captivated by the world of stories.

Imagination, memories, excitement, mystery, joy, wonder, sadness, dreams, magic, love, forgiveness, hopes and fears, all live in the land of stories.

Story-Space encourages Jabiru kids’ love of reading, hearing, telling or performing stories.

Ready to book or enrol? All bookings are handled through the online app XAP.